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RESEARCH PAPER 2023 October 31
Evaluating Biogas Production of Polylactic acid with the addition of Conductive Materials
Objectives:The demand for polylactic acid (PLA) is increasing as an alternative to conventional petroleum-based plastics due to its eco-friendly characteristics. PLA can be processed through anaerobic digestion (AD) along with other organic wastes to promote efficient and contro...
RESEARCH PAPER 2023 October 31
Longitudinal Connectivity Evaluations along with Chemical Water Quality and Biological Integrity analyses Based on Fish Multi-metric Model in Tan Stream
The main objectives of this study were to evaluate biological integrity analysis and longitudinal connectivity assessment in Tan Stream. The research included the analysis of chemical water quality, ecological health assessment based on fish, and a comparison of aquatic ecosyste...
RESEARCH PAPER 2023 October 31
Measures to Promote Energy Prosumer in Photovoltaic Solar Energy
In the process of implementing and trying various measures to achieve carbon neutrality around the world, Korea is also presenting various policies to advance to a low-carbon economy. Energy prosumer is a consumer who produces electricity directly and sells surplus electricity a...
RESEARCH PAPER 2023 October 31
Measures to Create an Eco-friendly Business Management Environment through Greenwashing Case analysis
As environmental problems such as climate and resource depletion are seriously occurring worldwide, the climate crisis and environmental problems are drawing attention throughout society. Reflecting this reality, an increasing number of ESG management companies are promoting env...
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