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RESEARCH PAPER 2022 April 30
Derivation of Ultrasonic Irradiation Condition to Inhibit the Growth of Microcystis aeruginosa
Objectives : The optimal ultrasonic irradiation conditions were derived through laboratory-scale experiments to evaluate growth inhibition effect of Microcystis aeruginosa (M. aeruginosa), which is the main specie of Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms (CyanoHABs) in Republic of...
RESEARCH PAPER 2022 April 30
Development of Artificial Intelligence Model to Forecast Photovoltaic Power Generation Including Airborne Particulate Matter
Purpose : This study aims to suggest an optimal model for predicting photovoltaic (PV) power generation by comparing single and hybrid models that include particulate matter in the atmosphere as input parameters. Methods : From December 2016 to December 2019, 1 MW-class PV powe...
RESEARCH PAPER 2022 April 30
Comparison of Commercial Dechlorination Chemicals used in Reverse Osmosis Processes
Objectives : The objective of this study was to find a promising dechlorination chemical which can replace sodium bisulfite (SBS), which is mainly used as a dechlorination agent in reverse osmosis processes but can cause odor issues. Methods : Candidate chemicals were selected ...
RESEARCH PAPER 2022 April 30
Haloacetamides Formation and Fate in Drinking Water Treatment Process of the Lower Nakdong River: Comparison of Summer and Winter Seasons
Objectives : The formation characteristics and fate of haloacetamides (HAcAms), nitrogenous disinfection by-products (DBPs), were evaluated for each process in a drinking water treatment plant (DWTP) located downstream of the Nakdong River in summer and winter. In preparation fo...
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Precursor Source Characteristics and Ozone Formations in Pusan ( 41357 times )
J Korean Soc Environ Eng. 1985;7(2):1-11.
Reviews in Infrared Spectroscopy and Computational Chemistry to Reveal Rhizospheric Interactions among Organic Acids, Oxyanions and Metal oxides: Fundamental Principles and Spectrum Processing ( 14728 times )
Junho Han, Hee-Myong Ro
J Korean Soc Environ Eng. 2017;39(7):426-439.   Published online July 27, 2017
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4491/KSEE.2017.39.7.426
A Study on Sludge Reduction in Sewage using Microbial Catalysts ( 12593 times )
Dong-chul Shin, Eun-ji Yang, Yun-koo Lee, Chul-hwi Park
J Korean Soc Environ Eng. 2018;40(2):91-96.   Published online February 28, 2018
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4491/KSEE.2018.40.2.91
Institutional Management Plan for Hazardous Chemical Substances in Textile Products ( 10719 times )
Nuri Ha, Seohyeon Oh, Seunghee Lee, Yujin Jung, Jiyul Choi, Sokhee P. Jung
J Korean Soc Environ Eng. 2021;43(5):390-405.   Published online May 31, 2021
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4491/KSEE.2021.43.5.390
                           Cited By 1
Evaluation of Removal Characteristics of Taste and Odor Causing Compounds using Meso-Porous Absorbent ( 9940 times )
Jong-Doo Kim, Chul-Hwi Park, Yeo-Bog Yun, Dae-Sung Lee, Hyo-Jeon Kim, Seok-Tae Kang
J Korean Soc Environ Eng. 2017;39(1):26-33.   Published online January 31, 2017
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4491/KSEE.2017.39.1.26
Water Treatment for Closed Hydroponic Systems ( 9668 times )
Sungyun Lee, Yu Chang Kim
J Korean Soc Environ Eng. 2019;41(9):501-513.   Published online September 30, 2019
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4491/KSEE.2019.41.9.501
                           Cited By 5
Analysis of Energy Savings and CO2 Emission Reductions via Application of Smart Grid System ( 9608 times )
Soo-Hwan Park, Sang-Jun Han, Jung-Ho Wee
J Korean Soc Environ Eng. 2017;39(6):356-370.   Published online June 30, 2017
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4491/KSEE.2017.39.6.356
                           Cited By 2
Filtration Characteristics of Paticulate Matter at Bag Filters Coated with PTFE Membrane During Off-Line Pulsing ( 9462 times )
Joung-Hun Kim, Il-Shik Moon, Min-Young Hwang, Ryang-Gyoon Kim, Daekwun Ko
J Korean Soc Environ Eng. 2017;39(7):391-402.   Published online July 27, 2017
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4491/KSEE.2017.39.7.391
                           Cited By 1
Adsorption Characteristics of Radioactive Cs Ion by Zeolite X ( 8590 times )
Chang-Han Lee, Min-Gyu Lee
J Korean Soc Environ Eng. 2017;39(2):66-73.   Published online February 28, 2017
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4491/KSEE.2017.39.2.66
                           Cited By 1
Estimation of Water Production Cost from Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Plant in Korea ( 8558 times )
Moon-Hyun Hwang, Doseon Han, In S. Kim
J Korean Soc Environ Eng. 2017;39(4):169-179.   Published online April 30, 2017
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4491/KSEE.2017.39.4.169
                           Cited By 3
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